3 Small business owners from Texas, that could not find affordable advertising for our businesses. After months, weeks and many, many hours, we all came up with the same conclusion. There is no affordable, efficient way for a small business to advertise in today's modern market. The ability to get our business seen and stay up to date with advertising and compete with huge corporations that have millions to use was becoming almost impossible and frustrating. Fast forward a few months and Zip advertising is now born. Efficient, affordable mobile digital billboards for your business. We pride ourselves on creating competitive advertising in today's modern, forever changing markets.


Put a compact mobile digital billboard 4ft~x16"x6" on a vehicle that travels thousands of miles per month in your city area by using full time employed rideshare drivers (lyft, uber, etc..). All of our mobile digital billboards are designed with on the go technology, including GPS geo tracking and 4G connectivity. This means up-to date analytics on your ad and the ability to add and change your ad at anytime, anywhere. Allowing you the flexibility to control your ad every month and be able to have thousands and thousands of people see it every day. With our daily, weekly, monthly or annual packages to suit everyone's advertising needs. All the packages we offer are designed with small business in mind. At the end of the day, we wanted to employee more people where we live "TEXAS" and try to even the modern advertising playing field for small business.

We hope to see your ad soon!


Corpus Christi, TX
Dallas, TX
San Antonio, TX coming soon
Houston, TX coming soon
Austin, TX coming soon