How does it work?

How does it work?

If you're a full-time ride-share driver, you can participate in our advertising program. Zip Advertising is looking for ride-share drivers to place mobile digital billboards on their vehicles to promote brands, products and services in their area.

If you want to include ads in your vehicle, we will...

  • Talk you through the process of using mobile digital billboards.
  • Install the mobile digital billboards on your ride-sharing vehicle.
  • Provide you with compensation for the advertising

Want to make some extra cash on the road? Speak to Zip Advertising about your options today.

Do you qualify to be a Zip Driver?

If you answer yes to all for of these questions, you do!

  1. Are you a full time ride share driver?
  2. Do you drive a minimum of 30 hours per week?
  3. Do you travel a minimum of 500 miles per month?
  4. Do you want to earn extra cash?

Did you answer yes? Then you are ready to join the Zip mobile Digital billboard family. Fill out the form below.